Red Toddler Shoe

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Have a little Santa that needs these shoes this Christmas??

Sporty and perfect for everyday wear - kids just want to have FUN and that's what these adorable Squeaky Shoes are made for.

The Design:
- Canvas upper
- Cotton lining and insole for comfort and breathability
- Non skid flexible rubber soles for traction and stability
- Ideal all year round and designed to fit these cute pudgy feet
Removable squeaker mechanism 

Why Squeak:
- FUN way to encourage their development
- Motivates the pre-walker and beginning walker
- Promotes the correct heel to toe movement; squeakers are located in the heel of each shoe
- Great tracking tool; a peace of mind element that makes it exciting for parents to help track those quick little tots on the move, whether it's in a busy mall, down the street or roaming around at home
- He will LOVE wearing them

Squeaky Footwear lights up their little faces with pure joy and excitement in each step - a moment not to forget. The audible feedback with every step will help them to concentrate on their feet providing motivation to keep moving, from the new walker he will soon become the runner and jumper.

To Remove the Squeak (if they will let you):
Love the shoes but not the Squeak? When quieter times are required simply remove the squeaker valve by gently leveraging out with either a fingernail or other thin edge object and store somewhere safe out of harms way until you want the fun to begin again.

Size Guide
Size 3 to suit 9 - 14 mths (outside sole length 14cm)
Size 4 to suit 14 - 20 mths (outside sole length 14.5cm)
Size 5 to suit 20 - 24 mths (outside sole length 15cm)
Size 6 to suit 2 - 2.5 yr (outside sole length 16cm)
Size 7 to suit 2.5 - 3 yr (outside sole length 16.5cm)

Sizes are for pre-walkers to toddlers (size 3 to size 7), see size guide for assistance on choosing the correct size.

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