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Horse Swing

Giddy up! This swing set is fun, functional and well-made, that not only looks great, but is environmentally conscious and bound to provide endless giggles.

Outdoor or Indoor use and suitable from ages 6 months to 3 years / up to 20 kilograms.

Squeaky Footwear

In order for the shoe to squeak toddlers must walk heel to toe, this encourages the correct movement of the foot and little ones will be delighted when their efforts to walk are rewarded with a highly amusing "SQUEAK!"...  Watch their face shine as they realise it is their feet that is making that cute little sound and see how it motivates them to keep moving! 

The squeakers also help track of toddlers on the move.

Over the squeak ? Simply remove the value in each heel still leaving a beautiful, comfortable, quality shoe.

But Why Squeak? 

Squeaky shoes stimulate and motive the pre-walker and beginning walker. In order for the shoe to squeak the child must walk heel to toe.

For the active walker they can then become the runner and the jumper. As a parent out and about the squeaker will also be a constant signal as to where your child is as they move about the park, playground or toy shop isles.

Best of all, when quieter times are required, the squeakers are easily removed leaving your child with a beautiful, comfortable, quality shoe.


Quality of Design

All our shoes are designed with an extra wide toe area which provides the space necessary for a comfortable fit for little pudgy growing feet.

Many of our shoes and boots are made with leather uppers and either leather or plush inners, providing a level of comfort and assurance of quality.

While the soles of every style are made of soft, flexible rubber, providing comfort and grip no matter what terrain is being explored.

Size Guide

Not sure what size to buy? Check out our size guide below but remember this is only a guide as children grow at their own pace. 

We have found the easiest way to determine size is to measure the child’s foot from heel to big toe along the sole of the foot. Please remember to measure both feet as one is normally longer. Add 1-1.5cm extra onto the measurement for growing room. 

Of course if the shoe is a surprise gift please use our age guide.

Size 3 to suit 9-12 month olds (sole length 14cm)
Size 4 to suit 9-16 month olds (sole length 14.5cm)
Size 5 to suit 12-18 month olds (sole length 15cm)
Size 6 to suit 18-24 month olds (sole length 15.5cm)
Size 7 to suit 2-3 years old (sole length 16cm)

Still not sure what size you need? Then download our Printable Size Chart to measure your child's feet against our sole sizes. 

If you purchase the wrong size? We are happy to replace them for you.  Just return the original pair in an unused condition and we will send you a replacement pair for the cost of the postage.

And remember, if you are unsure, it is always better to buy a size larger to let feet grow into the shoe.