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Unique because we squeak

Kids just want to have FUN and squeaky footwear is designed to thrill! Watch their face shine as they realise it is their feet that is making that cute little sound and see how it motivates them to keep moving, our shoes are a hit with children and parents alike.

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Shoes they won't want to take off. Life isn't always Cowboy Boots and Horses - but it should be! Put a little giggle in your loved one and help creativity grow one step at time

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Quality of Design

Designed to Squeak with the correct heel to toe movement and a great tracking tool for those quick tots on the move! Squeakers are easily removed still leaving a beautiful, comfortable, quality shoe with a soft flexible rubber sole to provide protection and grip no matter what terrain is being explored

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Video gallery

Turn up the volume and watch the Squeak and Giggle products in action!

Our range is the perfect unique gift for little ones providing pure joy and giggles plus helps encourage leaning and development while still having fun.

PS love the boots but not the Squeak - simply remove the squeakers ;-)

Squeak and Giggle is proudly an Australian owned and operated business. We believe the first few years of life are one of the most important and want to help encourage leaning and development while still having fun by getting those feet moving with a few extra giggles.   

We have also branched out to support other amazing local businesses along the way

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AUGUST 14 & 15

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