Our Shoes Help Sophie to Stop Toe Walking

We received an awesome email yesterday…

Samantha wrote: “…thought you guys might like to know that you have solved a problem for us. My daughter has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Toe Walking (tip toes rather than walking flat footed) we have been to many expensive appointments to correct this and no specialist could help. I've had your squeakers on her for an hour and she's walking flat footed to get her shoes to squeak so THANK YOU!!!!"

Samantha, thank you for sharing Sophie’s story with us! You have made us very proud that we have been able to help!

The "squeak" in our shoes is only activated when the correct heel-to-toe walking action is performed - hence the child receives positive reinforcement (in the form of a cute squeak!) when they are walking correctly. We as adults may find the squeak somewhat annoying at times - and that is why the shoes are designed to have a removable squeak

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